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This is just a small sample of our range, more available upon request.


Skittlebombs            Cointreau and Redbull

JagerBombs             Jagermeister and Redbull

AtomicBombs          Jagermeister/Tequilla and Redbull

GlitterBombs           Gold Schnapps and Redbull

PrincessBombs          Passoa and Redbull

HoneyBombs            Honey Whiskey and Redbull

VodBombs              Smirnoff Vodka and Redbull

WikidBombs             Jager And WKD Blue

Skittles Vodka         Smirnoff Vodka enfused with real Skittles. Five flavours to choose from

Root 56                       A long drink, comprising of Jagermeister with Ginger Beer, with a slice of lime and cucumber

                                         on Ice. A nice cool refreshing summer drink.

CandySkull Vodka     Flavoured Vodka Shots with a Candy Chaser

New For 2016, Carlesberg and Aspells Suffolk Cyder On Tap!





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